Protection Plans

Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Protection Plan

Your vehicle has more than 30,000 parts and there is a chance something may need to be repaired during your ownership.


  • Normal wear coverage for non-maintenance parts and assemblies that wear out over time
  • Coverage (including labour) related to new safety and advanced technology components ie. rear park assist, lane change alert, and more
  • May be used at General Motors dealers throughout North America
  • The cost of the plan may be included in your lease or finance payment
  • Choice of deductible including $0, $100 or $200 at time of plan purchase
  • Rental allowance
  • Roadside service & towing allowance

Tire Protection Plan (Tire & Wheel)

Road hazards can be a costly occurrence when tires are affected.


  • Multiple terms available with unlimited kilometers
  • Road hazard tire repair coverage
  • If irreparable, full replacement value in most cases
  • No depreciation charge on replacement tires
  • Alloy and Chrome wheel repair or replacement up to a maximum per wheel. Cosmetic coverage, additionally available, for scuffs and gouges on Alloy wheels only.

Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Multi Protect Plan


This plan provides protection designed to deliver peace of mind coverage for the various minor incidental damage and mishaps that can occur during vehicle ownership.  These Protect coverages may be purchased individually or as a package.

Key Protect:  Coverage in the event a key fob is lost or damaged, the plan will pay for a replacement and reprogramming.

Dent Protect:  Coverage for Paintless Dent Repair-repairs minor dents to the vehicle’s painted exterior metal panels.  Specialized tools repair the dents without affecting the factory finish!

Windshield Protect:  Coverage for windshield repair of minor chips and cracks caused by road hazards.

Rip, Tear and Burn Protection:  Coverage for minor rip, tear and/or burn repairs occurring on the upholstered seat(s) of the covered vehicle.

Vehicle Protection

Products that assist in protecting the appearance of your vehicle:

Body-Gard® Paint Protection creates a barrier between your vehicle’s painted surface and damaging elements that can dull or fade the paint.

Upholstery Protection coats and protects individual fibres, leather or vinyl to guard against stains and fading.

Rust Protection AutoSaver™: Salt on our winter roads, combined with moisture may produce conditions resulting in rust formation that can damage your vehicle.  This protection extends the life of your vehicle by providing maximum protection against rust.


Life and Disability Insurance

Life and disability insurance provides estate and credit protection should you encounter an event where your vehicle is no longer usable due to disability. First Canadian Insurance Corporation steps in and makes your owed payments until you are able to return to work or are not longer disabled.  In the event of death, all your remaining payments will be paid providing your family with an asset.

Vehicle Return Plus

This product provides protection for certain unexpected life events (ie. critical illness, involuntary unemployment, accidental death, to name a few).  It can help relieve you of vehicle debt at a time when it is unmanageable.

Global iD  

Identity theft is on the rise and can happen to anyone.  Contents within your vehicle, home, smartphone or online properties contain personal information that can put you at risk of identity theft.   Global id is an identity restoration service that assists with reinstating your personal financial identity in the event it is compromised.


If you lease your vehicle: XS Wear

When leasing a vehicle, you are responsible for the interior and exterior condition at the end of the lease. This product can relieve wear and tear charges at lease end.

If you finance your vehicle:  Gap Protection

This insurance coverage protects you if there is a total loss to your vehicle.  This protection makes the “Gap” payment for you - the difference between the outstanding lease or loan balance and the insurance settlement.

**These descriptions are only general outlines of each product.  Conditions and limitations apply. See Nurse Chevrolet for more comprehensive information.

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