Winter Tires


You can get ready for winter driving by purchasing winter tires and to have them installed when the conditions are right. With a great selection of sizes and brands available and installed by our factory-trained technicians in our state-of-the-art service facility, we are your source for winter tires.

Why should I consider winter tires?
All-season tires are designed with a different rubber compound than winter tires. In cold weather, the rubber used in all-season tires tends to harden (think of a hockey puck) and become less able to maintain surface contact with the roads. In contrast, winter tires are made with a softer rubber compound and as a result, can make more points of contact with the road you are driving on in cold weather. Also, due to the tread pattern design of winter tires including sipes (small slits in the tire that can lead to improved traction), they are able to better channel slush and water out of the way, leading to a better grip to the road.
Winter tires should be installed when the temperature is 7 degrees Celsius. Insurance companies, however, may require winter tires to be installed by a certain date. Please check your policy or reach out to your specific insurance company to determine that date.
You have two options. As a convenient option, we can store your tires at the dealership until you are ready to change them over in the spring (additional charge) or you can store them yourself at home. Note: if you purchase winter tires from us, the storage of your all-season tires is complimentary for the first season (until spring).
In many instances, there can be several options to fit a variety of budgets. To give you even more confidence regarding our tire prices, we are also pleased to support the Certified Service 30-Day Tire Price Match Guarantee when you purchase tires from our dealership. To learn more, you can visit the Certified Service website.
We do offer steel wheels at an additional cost. These can be of benefit to protect your original equipment (ie. GM) wheels from the harsh elements of winter driving. It can also lead to a less expensive seasonal change-over if your tires remain mounted to wheels, as they do not need to be re-mounted at each change-over.
Having an appointment will assist in providing you a more efficient service experience. Due to many individuals looking to install their winter tires between October and December, it helps us to deliver the customer experience that you expect - one that is efficient and friendly. Please remember that your appointment time is with the Service Advisor.

Beyond the above reasons, we offer:

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